Why Use Staffing?

  • Flexibility: Staffing helps your business respond to
    the cyclical or seasonal demands of your market
  • Convenience: Staffing companies handle the
    hassles of hiring
  • Expertise: Staffing firms are experts at screening
    candidates and matching them to jobs
  • Savings: Staffing saves you overhead, payroll taxes,
    benefits, recruiting and training costs

How Reliance Can Help

  • Staff for contracts
  • Staff for projects
  • Fill in for sick or
    vacationing employees
  • Temp-to-hire
  • Traditional hire

Why Use Reliance?

Positions We Fill

Under a National Contract?

Reliance Staffing Services is a proud member of ANSERTEAMYour firm might be required to use a national staffing provider, but can they give you the personal service and local expertise you need? Through our membership in a national network of independent staffing firms, Reliance can give you personalized service with 30 years of history in Hampton Roads, plus national certification. Click here to learn more about how Reliance can meet your needs for local service and national certification.

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