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  • The Worst Kind of Bleeding Heart

    There’s some good news about the Heartbleed bug, even after all the crises and concerns.

  • March 2014 Legal Roundup

    Last month was a wacky one, from football players to firefighters who weren’t to a motorboating manager (don’t ask).

  • Hiring Issues in 2014, by the Numbers

    This video shows some interesting and sometimes unsettling data about hiring issues in 2014. Fortunately, we’ve got some suggestions.

  • Farewell to Windows XP

    Like pets, operating systems are almost certain to pass on before we do. And it can be just as difficult to say goodbye. Even to Windows XP.

  • It’s an I-9/E-Verify Triple Feature!

    Oscar season has passed, but the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has submitted 3 video shorts about the I-9 for your consideration.

  • February 2014 Legal Roundup

    Snowstorms, minimum wage, cheerleaders, the FMLA and the ADA, background checks and how NOT to respond to a LinkedIn invite.

  • “Hiring Tools for 2014 and Beyond”: What You Missed

    Yesterday, our President, Tom Sarach Jr., gave a presentation on Hiring Tools for 2014 and Beyond, as part of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce’s series “Human Resources for Business Leaders.” Now, we can’t give away all the info Tom presented, but we can give you some of the high points. Employment is rising in […]

  • We’ve Made the 2014 Best of Staffing Lists!

    Once again, we’ve made the Best of Staffing lists for Client and Talent! We couldn’t have done it without you.

  • How Businesses Say “I Love You”

    As part of our commitment to helping businesses grow, our president will present a seminar on hiring in 2014 on Thursday, Feb. 27, 8-10 am.

  • ACA Changes Employer Mandate… Again

    The Treasury Department has announced two changes to the employer mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act.

  • January 2014 Legal Roundup

    Welcome to another year of employment law shenanigans! January’s main cases and rulings centered around the family: pregnancy bias, caring for a family member in Vegas and refusing to hire someone’s kids. Let’s dive in! A Circuit Court of Appeals reversed an earlier ruling from another court and let a¬†pregnancy-bias case¬†go to trial. A nursing […]

  • Stepping Up: Sam Morton on Leading and Learning

    Our own Sam Morton is the new president of the local chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management. Plus she’s got a new credential!

  • What Will HR Look Like in 2014?

    Test your knowledge of current human resources trends to see if you’re ready for HR in 2014.

  • 2013 Legal Roundup: The Year in Employment Law

    Man, last year was a busy one! Lots of developments in employment law, from the ACA to the FMLA to the NLRB, with a brief stop by the FLSA. Let’s look back: Of course, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) made the news a lot this year, first when the employer mandate was pushed back another […]

  • December 2013 Legal Roundup

    There were some doozies in the employment law cases last month, including a kidney donor, a pregnancy chart and some filthy text messages.

  • November 2013 Legal Roundup

    This month’s recap of employment law news includes religious accommodations, snooping managers and the definition of “clothes.”

  • Reliance: One of region’s fastest-growing companies

    Reliance has been named to the “Roaring 20″ list of the 20 fastest-growing companies in Hampton Roads by Inside Business and Cherry Bekaert.

  • Managing Stress in the Workplace

    Learning to manage stress in the workplace isn’t just beneficial for your well-being, it’s beneficial to your company and your co-workers.

  • Why We’re Open on Veterans Day

    It’s a day for honoring vets and their families, and we’re doing just that… though maybe not in the most obvious way.

  • October 2013 Legal Roundup

    Yes, the government was shut down this month, but there were still plenty of noteworthy rulings and developments in employment law.