Criminal Background and Reference Checks

Make sure that new hire won’t have an additional source of income.

Reliance performs criminal background and reference checksYour people are your company’s greatest asset—but they can also be its greatest liability. Reliance helps you reduce the risk of hiring by offering thorough criminal background and reference checks on any candidate you select to hire.

Embezzlement and fraud by employees cost American businesses billions of dollars every year, and that’s not counting the damage done to overall morale when these crimes occur. Even more dangerous is the possibility of liability or even further crimes if you unknowingly hire a worker with a violent criminal background.

Reliance’s options include a national background check, sex offender database check and E-Verify to ensure hired candidates are authorized to work in the United States. We also check applicants’ references when they apply to join our candidate pool.

We take every possible step to help make sure your workforce is qualified, authorized and safe.

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